Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Jesus Saves -- you at least 15% on car insurance.

(HT: to Horn+swoggled)

In a bid to raise money for a new fitness center and upscale coffeeshop, a Dallas church has agreed to accept a sponsorship for its weekly sermons. The deal involving Great Life Community Praise Center and Geico Insurance is believed to the first-ever agreement between a church and an advertiser, for a message delivered inside a worship service. But Pastor Dan Wilkins insists that his church's Gospel message will not be compromised.

"I guarantee you, we'd never do a deal that would force us to change our message," Wilkins said. "But this sponsorship with Geico is a perfect vehicle for the good news that Jesus can make their lives better."

Read the whole thing. Like all good fiction, this story has some basis in truth.

However, this kind of idea isn't new. 50 years ago, a Baptist church decided to fund a B-Movie director, in hopes they could use the revenue to spread the gospel via film. The director? Ed Wood. The movie? Plan 9 From Outer Space, unofficially the worst movie ever made.

Still, I'm sure someone out there is thinking of a plan to increase revenue in the church. I wouldn't be suprised to see an ad or two between announcements on those gigantic video screens that are all the rage these days. They have to be paid for somehow...


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