Monday, August 06, 2007

2100 miles later, I've been to the Black Hills, the Badlands, the backroads of South Dakota, and a motel in Winner. It was a wonderful week where I got a chance to visit my sister and spend the time out in some rather amazing country.

I don't think I'll log the entire trip like I did Ecuador (and attempted to do with Michigan), but I might still summarize some pictures a little later as I go through them. This one is from the Badlands, near a Northern boarder of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation - about a 20 mile from from Hermosa, SD. It was a hot day (112 according to one thermometer), but a memorable one of taking backroads and gravel into the badlands. I highly recommend taking a day to do this if you are ever near the Black Hills and want a trip that will take out far away from the usual tourist destinations.

Other pictures and short stories are on the way, later.


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