Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's started.

This is probably my favorite time of the year. It's somewhat cold in the morning, but not too bad. If I leave the window open in the bedroom when I go to work, it's just the right temperature when I'm ready to go to sleep in the morning.

When I get up in the afternoon, there's still a few hours of sun - and plenty of time to go out for a long walk, a drive across town, or just wander over to the park across the street and listen to the Twins on the Radio. It's not hot yet, and the bugs won't be out for another few weeks. (Aside - it's funny how much you forget about bugs when it's the middle of January. When it's been months since you've seen a fly wander onto your computer screen, you tend to forget the things exist. Then by the middle of July, you forget that there's a time of the year they aren't even a factor.)

Sunday mornings around 6am are the best time to go out hiking or just wandering around the neighborhood. There is almost zero traffic. The fog is still on the lakes at this time of the year. You may see your breath, or you may not. The radio is filled with sleepy announcers and weekend news shows. The animals don't expect you to be out yet, so they do unusual things like congregate in front of your lawn at the first sign of light (the ducks do this often on our street, as does the neighbor's cat -- but usually not at the same time.)

For about a month, it seems like Minnesotans trick themselves into thinking they can put away their jackets and forget about snow falls. Then we suddenly go from a few 60s and 70s to three inches overnight. A few days later, it's back to spring. By the middle of May, we're pretty sure we're done with winter -- and then summer hits us with all of its humidity.

Anyway, it's short, but enjoy spring. We seem to finally have found it.


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