Friday, September 09, 2005

I guess in the war for truth, I'm fighting on the wrong side. I'm part of the Post-Modern problem, one of those who say that words means what I say they mean.

On the sidebar, there is this link called "Free MP3 of the Week." That's probably not going to be exactly true. I'll update it, but probably not every week on the 7th day. Sorry.

Anyway, check it out when you can. This week it's a few songs from Hammock, a band that's either post-rock or ambient, depending on who you ask. It's fairly slow, lush, quiet, harmonious, and well worth your time to download. I heard them on a Public Radio show called "Echoes," awhile back. Apparently, they've also been on Music From the Hearts of Space, but since the local Hipster public radio station won't play that show, I wouldn't know that first hand. Speaking of which, I should really work on my rant about the state of radio in the Cities. At least 5 Public Radio stations and a major college station, and no one can run cool shows like Afropop Worldwide, Hearts of Space, Echoes, or Thistle and Shamrock.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Hammock. Download and enjoy. I'm off to bed, with a reminder not to blog so long after my bedtime.

EDIT: I got a comment saying that the MP3 link at the right wasn't working. It should be now.


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