Sunday, August 13, 2006

Awhile back, I posted a short comment that said I was going to Ecuador at the end of September. Here are a few more details:

I've known about this trip for a few months, but details have always been sketchy. Now, my tickets are purchased and time is officially requested at work. However, I've been asked to call in on the air while I'm down there, so I wonder if I can count that on my time card...

I'll be in and near Quito for most of the week I'll be there, working with Hope Haven - a ministry to the disabled, it's also where my father works. We'll be distributing donated and fixed wheelchairs (more info on the link) in some of the villages around the area. In addition, we'll be distributing wheelchairs before a Franklin Graham festival in Quito...something that wasn't in the works until after I said I'd go, so that's a neat opportunity as well.

Since I learned about this trip about 2 months before I'm set to go, I had to get my passort renewed, which was issued when I went to England over 10 years ago. There's a way to get it expidited, so I shelled out the money to get that done. The claim is that it will take only 2-3 weeks. Everyone one I've talked to says that is the case, so I'll take their word for it. I need it in about 5 weeks now.

This should be a great trip (anyone been to Ecuador?), and I'm certainly looking forward to it. I know I'm biased because I have family involved, but I love this ministry and the attitude it has. I'm sure I'll also be posting pictures and writing out info again here, so if I don't see you between now and late September, check back!


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