Saturday, June 03, 2006

Steps to moving:

1) Plan ahead. If you plan ahead, you will not be stuck at the last moment, cramming everything you own into one box and praying for its integrity as you carry it to your car.

2) Look at the calander, and realize that you have a full month before you move. Walk around your current domicile and collect the fond memories of your times there.

3) Realize that you stink at packing, because you can't decide to throw out old magazines or keep them. Spend the night you set aside for cleaning and packing reading old issues of Paste and debating if you really want to find that obscure Godspeed You Black Emperor album they were talking about.

4) Find a book under the bed that you totally forgot about and read it all night.

5) After keeping this up, look up and find out you have to be out of your house in 48 hours. But at least your bedroom and bathroom have never looked so perfect.

6) Sneeze. A lot. This much dust hasn't been kicked up in the house in years. Go through a box of tissues.

7) Realizing that people will be here in about 3 hours to help move, cram everything you own into one box while praying for its integrity as you carry it to your car.


Blogger Slimey said...

Wow. You didn't seem that unorganized when we came to help! A little messy, but that was all Pete, right?


5:50 PM  

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