Monday, August 28, 2006

Signs you work overnight:

- You walk into your bedroom at 10 at night in the middle of the summer, and can't get over how dark it is in there.

- Your favorite pasttime in April is "Starting at the Sun at 6pm"

- You get up early in the Winter to see the sunset

- You know full well that the middle of August, at 3am, is the best time ever to go out for a walk. Add a light breeze and they should open parks at this hour.

- The funniest television is not on during prime-time, nor is it on Comedy Central. Is it found at 3am and involves infomericals for questionable health products.

- You know where every 24 hour store is within a reasonable driving distance, and even a few that are not reasonable but could still prove useful if you decide to shampoo carpets at 2am.

- You realize that Cub Foods really is open all night. However, there is always a long line at 1am, because there is only one checker and about 10 people lined up. Around 3am, clerks stop looking at you like you are a customer, and start looking at you like you have issues.

- You wonder why all of the stores close so early on weekdays, and you live in a large city.

- You've contemplated taking a nap at 11pm.


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