Tuesday, October 18, 2005

For some, if you don't remember the day you started your journey, then you may not have started at all.

The last two summers, I went out --almost on a whim-- on a vacation where I hadn't really decided where to go until a few days before. I never do remember exactly when I decided my destination, but I do remember going. Where I was headed was important, but it wasn't the only point of the trip.

I truly believe that many people, when they arrive at whatever destination they've been planning, will wonder what the hurry was. Anticipation is a mere hindrance, the cure is instant gratification. It's normal for a 7-year-old to constantly complain about being bored on a long trip, it's another for a 25 year old to continually wish to be at the end of his journey. The destination will be there when you arrive, becoming only more real while you continue.

Like most vacations, I plan on coming home sometime. However I travel, it turns out to be a round trip.


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