Saturday, November 19, 2005

Huckster healers in the US don't have anything on those in the Phillipines:
A popular radio broadcaster-healer in the Philippines was wounded in a gun attack by a man who complained the victim failed to cure his smelly feet, police said on Friday.
Personally, the worst I've heard of in the US is Bob Larson's attempt to deliver someone from the demon of heartburn. It seems the devil is behind all of our embarassing body problems.

It's hard to believe you'd go to a radio host to get your feet cleaned. Trust me, we're not that good. Have you seen the kitchens at radio stations? We can't get lipstick off of a coffee cup. Not that I know this personally.

Anyway, before we laugh too much at people across the ocean, remember we've grown a few hucksters of our own.


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