Friday, April 07, 2006

I needed a haitus, so I hope people are well rested by now.

On the short list of "best idea for a website I wish I thought of": Make Me Watch TV

The idea is this: A guy, who appears to live near here, has a poll for every half-hour between 7-9pm Central. In this poll, he has a list of prime-time shows and a few other suprises. You vote for what he'll watch that night. If he's lucky, people have picked something cool like Veronica Mars, Scrubs, or even a This Old House rerun. If he's unlucky, it's C-SPAN or a Britney Spears concert. For an added bonus, he has a webcam tuned to him so you can watch him watching TV...if you're into that thing. After this, he'll write up a little summary.

Oh, and he accepts bribes. You really want to subject him to an infomerical to something called "Yoga Booty Ballet?" He's all yours, for a price.

Supports the local arts, check him out.


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